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3 Important Tips for Maximizing Your Next Therapeutic Massage

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There's nothing quite like getting a therapeutic massage. Not only does it help relieve stress, it promotes blood flow throughout the body that reduces inflammation and alleviates pain. In order to get the most out of these massages, though, you need to remember these tips. 

Be Punctual

There's nothing more disrespectful than setting an appointment and then showing up late to it. Your massage therapist has other clients to see, after all, and showing up late could have a domino effect for the rest of their day. 

Keep the appointment date and time in your phone or calendar so you know exactly when to arrive. Ideally, you should show up 30 minutes early to take care of the payment and necessary paperwork. Showing up early could also mean getting treated right away, as the massage therapist may have clients that backed out and thus cleared their schedule. 

Take Care of Body Odor

During a therapeutic massage, the therapist will be extremely close to your body. As such, you need to ensure your personal hygiene is better than it has ever been to avoid any embarrassing smells that the therapist will then have to put up with. 

It may sound counterproductive, but don't apply cologne or perfume to your body. These smells generally are overwhelming to the massage therapist, especially if you're having a lengthy massage performed. Instead, thoroughly rinse your body with soap and shampoo before arriving to the appointment. You might consider putting on some essential oils, as long as they are not too potent and overpowering. 

Research Your Massage

If you've never had a professional massage before, you'll want to do some thorough research on what the process entails. Otherwise, you may show up and become alarmed at how much pressure or heat is applied to your body.

See what other clients experienced during the exact same type of massage, so you know how your body should react. If during the massage your body reacts differently than what is considered normal, you can talk to the massage therapist and get them to adjust their techniques. They may have applied too much pressure on a sore area, for example. 

After getting a therapeutic massage, you can walk out of the facility feeling like a completely different person both mentally and physically. Make sure you reap these benefits by following the correct protocol before, during, and after the massage. To learn more and feel more prepared, contact services such as Chris Teeple Muscle Specialist.