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What To Expect When Going In For A Facial Wax

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Most women do not like seeing hair appear on their faces, and a lot of women will begin taking steps to remove this hair. Tweezing is a common option when there are just a few unwanted hairs, but getting a facial wax is a more effective option when women develop patches of unwanted facial hair. If you are starting to see hair on your face and are considering getting it waxed off, here are several things to expect.

This Option Offers Effective Results

Waxing is a type of hair removal service that works really well for eliminating unwanted facial hair. In most cases, the hair will not grow back for at least two weeks, but many women do not see hair growth for up to eight weeks. This occurs because the process removes the entire roots of the hair follicles, and it takes time for these follicles to grow again. If you are interested in an effective hair removal technique that is affordable, this is a good option to try. 

It May Hurt and Leave Some Redness on Your Face

While waxing is an effective hair removal technique, it can be somewhat painful for some women. When the technician performs the procedure, he or she will place a hot wax on the skin. The wax typically does not hurt, but it can hurt when they place a sticky strip over the wax and pull. As they pull, the sticky strip will actually remove the hair by its roots, and this is what hurts a little.

After you have this done, you should expect to see redness, and even a little swelling, on your face due to the nature of the procedure. You can place aloe vera gel or something similar on your skin afterwards to help relieve any pain, redness, or irritation you experience.

Your Hair May Grow Back Thinner

A lot of people believe that removing hair leads to the hair growth coming in thicker, but this is really just an old wives' tale. If this was actually true, bald men would constantly remove the remaining hairs they have so that it would grow in thicker; however, this never happens. In reality, when you remove hair consistently over time, it often begins growing in less and less.

If you are interested in getting your facial hair removed through waxing, contact a clinic that offers spa services, such as Lavida Massage of Staten Island