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Looking For Help Ways To Help Control Diabetes? Get A Massage

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No matter how well you stick to your diet and medications, if you have diabetes, you are always looking for new ways to help keep your blood sugar under control. While some options for this will require effort on your part, or may not be pleasant, there is one thing you can do that you will enjoy. Take the time to seek out a licensed and certified massage therapist and arrange regular appointments. Here are just a few ways a massage can help diabetics.

Decrease Stress and Increase Relaxation

Stress can increase mental fatigue which in turn can increase blood glucose levels. When you receive a massage from a professional, your stress level will decrease, and you will be able to completely relax for a while. In fact, the gentle manipulations will increase the release of endorphins into your body so you feel better. This will also help reduce stress and anxiety, helping to keep your blood glucose level lower even after the treatment has ended.

Relieve Neuropathy Pain

If you have pain from neuropathy in your feet, hands, or legs, then getting a massage can provide relief. In addition to the immediate relief felt while having the therapist lightly rub, knead, and press on the areas that hurt, the endorphins released will help keep the pain at bay for a while. This lack or reduction of pain will also decrease your stress, so the pain stays away longer. This will also help to reduce your blood sugar.

Increase Flexibility and Joint Mobility

High levels of sugar in your blood will cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to thicken and harden. This will cause pain and a lack of flexibility and may make moving the joints difficult. Massage therapy is a good way to keep your muscles and connective tissues flexible and pliable, so you have better movement abilities and less pain.

Increase Circulation

Diabetes can lead to the thickening of your blood vessels, slowing circulation and reducing the removal of glucose from the blood. A massage will help improve the flow of blood through the vessels, so the glucose can be removed quicker and the insulin can get to where it needs to be.

You have had to give up some of your favorite foods and drinks because of diabetes. You may have skipped some parties or family gatherings that were based around food and drink because of it. You deserve to pamper yourself and make yourself feel great. For more information about how massage can help you, talk to a therapist in your area.