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Tired Of These PMS Symptoms? Acupuncture May Be Able To Help

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While some women have the fortune of experiencing little in the way of premenstrual symptoms each month, this is a condition that truly bothers others. You might find that you're dreading the arrival of PMS each month because you know just how disruptive the symptoms are. You can turn to medication, but you might encounter side effects that you don't appreciate. Given that it's difficult to just stay in bed for a few days a month to nurse your symptoms, it's ideal if you can find a healthy form of treatment that can alleviate your discomfort. Acupuncture can provide the above, and you can schedule visits with a local acupuncturist each month. Here are some PMS-related symptoms that this therapy can alleviate.


For many women, the bloating that they experience each month as a PMS symptom can be highly uncomfortable. You may feel physical discomfort with issues such as your clothing feeling too tight and it being difficult to bend and perform other movements that you might need to make several times a day. You'll also feel emotional distress over your bloating — for example, you might break down in tears because you're struggling to find pants for work that feel comfortable, or you might push away from your spouse a little because you feel unattractive.


Many women also feel highly irritated when going through PMS. Even if they try to be patient with their spouse, children, and co-workers alike, it can be easy to quickly get frustrated and perhaps say something that they later regret. You may want to be completely alone when you're dealing with PMS so that you don't easily get irritated with others, but this is often difficult. Thus, it's ideal if you can turn to a treatment such as acupuncture that can alleviate your irritability.

Appetite Changes

Appetite changes are also common when a woman is going through PMS. You might have a strong craving for something unhealthy, such as chocolate or fried food, for example. While eating such foods may satisfy the craving, they could have side effects. For example, if you binge on fried foods when you're otherwise watching your weight, you may notice some weight gain. Or, if you eat chocolate too late at night, you may have difficulty sleeping. By visiting an acupuncture clinic for regular treatments, you can avoid the difficulties of these symptoms, thus making this group of days each month easier to endure.

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