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Injured? Get The Total Rehabilitation Package

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When you get injured, getting massage therapy or physical therapy are often presented as an either or option. The truth is, when you are injured, you should enjoy both massage therapy and physical therapy. Massage therapy and physical therapy are designed to work together and help you achieve different goals in your healing process.

The Purpose of Physical Therapy

When you experience an injury that interferes with your ability to use a muscle or part of your body, you are going to want to undergo physical therapy at a place like BEAT Physical Therapy as part of the recovery process.

There are numerous goals and benefits of physical therapy. To start with, physical therapy will help to reduce some of the pain that you may be experiencing and help you restore function. If your injury has impacted your ability to move around, physical therapy can help improve your mobility through exercises, stretching, and strength training.

Physical therapy can help you manage and improve whatever condition and injury you are facing. It can provide you with the tools to strength your body and get your movement back.

The Purpose of Massage Therapy

When you are injured, you should pair your physical therapy with massage therapy. Massage therapy, like physical therapy, has many benefits.

Massage therapy can be used to work out tension in the muscles that were injured. It can be used to relax the tension that develops in your overall body due to an injury.

Massage therapy can be used to also reduce the stress that builds up in your body when you are hurt and stressed out. Stress can be debilitating, and touch can help reduce stress.

Massage therapy can also be used to help with your healing process. Working out your muscles and kneading scar tissue can help your body recover. The stimulation of your muscles can help to promote healing by releasing fluids and tension that has built up in your muscles. You may not notice the result right away, but after a few days, your muscles will feel better as the impact of your massage therapy sets in.

Massage therapy can help increase your overall range of motion and flexibility. These two elements are vitally important when you are healing. Massage therapy can help your muscles heal at a faster rate as well, as massage therapy can improve circulation in your muscles.

When you experience a muscle injury, don't choose either physical therapy or massage therapy; choose them both. Physical therapy will help you get your range of motion and strength back and help you deal with the pain. Massage therapy will help you deal with the pain as well, while also promoting the healing of your muscles and reducing stress throughout your body.