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4 Tips For Enjoying Your First Couple's Massage

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A couple's massage can be a romantic way to treat yourself and your loved one. You and your loved one will have the opportunity to enjoy a massage while relaxing next to each other in a shared space. Here are some things you can do to make the experience as enjoyable as possible:

1. Choose a massage parlor with romantic ambiance.

People choose couple's massage because they'd like to have a pleasurable, romantic experience with their partner. The quality of the massage itself is important, but so is the ambiance of the facility. Some massage therapists will dim the lights and light candles to create a dreamy, romantic space for your treatment. Find a massage parlor that has an aesthetic and vibe that you enjoy.

2. Select your services ahead of time.

Make your couple's massage as easy and stress-free as possible by making all the important decisions ahead of time. Most couple's massages are given in the Swedish style, since this technique is excellent for inducing relaxation. You may want to add aromatherapy or hot stone treatment to your massage for a more memorable experience. Many massage parlors give clients the opportunity to choose their services and pay ahead of time using the internet. Don't worry; if you decide you'd like to add on additional treatments, you can always do so when you arrive.

3. Plan to eat after your massage.

If you plan to share a meal with your loved one as part of your date, you should schedule lunch or dinner for after your massage. You may find that you're hungry after your massage, because massage therapy can aid digestion and improve gut health. It can also be uncomfortable to receive a massage on a full stomach, since you will be lying on your front for most of your session. Avoid discomfort by holding off on the meal plans until after your bodywork session.

4. Choose a massage length that suits both people's needs.

People who have gotten massages in the past may be more willing to submit to long periods of bodywork. It's not uncommon for massage veterans to schedule 90 or even 120 minute long massages. These longer sessions can be a bit too intense for people who are new to the experience. If you or your loved one has not gotten a massage before, you may want to stick to a 30 or 60 minute couple's massage for your first session. You can always book a longer massage together in the future.

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