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What Makes Thai Massage Different?

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There are a few different massage techniques that you might have seen offered at a local massage therapy office. Thai massage is among them, and for many people, it is the most unique massage offering available.

So, how does Thai massage differ from the massage you are used to? Here's how.

You Will Be on a Mat

While you might be used to getting a massage on a table, you will not see the same kind of table in a Thai massage room. Instead, you will lie down on a mat to begin. The mat will be comfortable and clean, just like a massage table.

The mat is a crucial element of Thai massage because of the positions the therapist will get into. For example, some therapists stand on your back or kneel in specific ways to help stretch out parts of your body that might need it most.

You Will Be Moving

It is also important that you know before the massage that you will be moved around a lot. The massage therapist will move you around into different positions, so this is a much more active massage than the kind you might be used to.

One of the best things about this massage is that it is like a stretching session where you don't have to do the work. You just have to breathe as your body is folded. You might even be able to trade out one of your yoga sessions for a session with a Thai massage therapist.

Your Therapist Will Move Too

Your massage therapist will do a lot of the stretching with you, holding your body in specific places so that you can reap the benefits of the stretches. You may feel them moving around in ways you do not typically expect when you get other types of massages, which can be a bit surprising at first.

They will also be using different body parts to ensure that you get the best stretch. For instance, your therapist might use their legs to help leverage your body so that you can stretch out more thoroughly.

Get a Thai Massage Today

With a Thai massage, you can look and feel your best. While this may not be the massage you are used to, it can offer many benefits that give you the ability to feel a release of tension. You will also experience stress relief and a happy body with natural pain relief.