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Frequent Assumptions About Acupuncture Treatments

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Despite the fact that acupuncture treatments are an ancient practice, it is common for individuals to fail to have a good understanding of the benefits of this type of treatment option or what they should expect from their sessions. This can lead to a person potentially coming to the wrong conclusion when they are deciding on whether or not acupuncture treatments are right for them.

Assumption: An Acupuncture Treatment Is Only For Relaxation And General Mental Health

Many individuals will enjoy undergoing acupuncture treatments due to the benefits that they can provide to their overall mental health and their stress levels. However, individuals should avoid assuming that these are the only conditions that can benefit from acupuncture treatments. One example of this can be individuals that use acupuncture to help manage their chronic migraines. These procedures can potentially release tension in the neck, which can reduce the nerve strain that could lead to migraines.

Assumption: The Needles Used In Acupuncture Will Cause Pain

It is a common mistake for individuals to substantially overestimate the amount of discomfort that they will experience as a result of acupuncture treatments. Due to this incorrect assumption, there may be a high likelihood of these individuals not considering the use of acupuncture for their particular issues. In most cases, acupuncture treatment patients will find that the needles do not cause them to experience pain. Rather, they will simply feel a fleeting sense of pressure. This is partially the result of the design of these needles as well as the skill of the acupuncturist that is completing the treatment.

Assumption: Acupuncture Can Not Be Combined With Physical Therapy Or Other Treatments

One of the major advantages of acupuncture treatments is that they can be easily integrated with other treatments that individuals may be undergoing. For example, it is common for individuals that are going through physical rehabilitation to also utilize acupuncture treatment sessions. These sessions may assist with the inflammation and discomfort that the patient is experiencing without negatively impacting their progress through their physical rehabilitation. If you are planning to combine acupuncture with other treatments, this should be discussed with the acupuncturist. This information will allow them to better tailor their approach so that it will be far more likely to provide you with the results that you were hoping for when you signed up for these treatment sessions. As your recovery progress, the acupuncturist may modify the type of treatments or the areas where the treatments are focused to account for these changes.

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