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3 Reasons To Provide Professional Office Chair Massages For Your Employees

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When you think about getting a massage, you might assume that you have to head to a spa or perhaps a doctor's office to have one done. However, some massage therapists actually offer chair massages that they can perform for people while they are in the office. As an employer, you might even find that working with one of these massage therapists to offer this perk to your employees can be a smart idea. These are a few reasons to consider providing professional office chair massages for your employees.

1. Show Your Appreciation

You probably know that your employees work really hard, although you might not really know how to show them your appreciation for doing so. Offering chair massages is a great way to do so. After all, after a long week at work, your employees are sure to appreciate an office chair massage, and they will surely know that you are providing this perk because you know that they work hard and are good at what they do.

2. Prevent Discomfort

You probably do not want your employees to be in pain when they are at work. Plus, you might also know that employees who have stiff, sore backs or who are otherwise uncomfortable and in pain can be prone to missing work or not being able to focus on their work when they are there. Believe it or not, a massage can actually be great for helping your employees to prevent and get rid of back pain and stiffness and other types of pain. This can be a good way to make them more comfortable while they are at work while also preventing missed days at work and other issues.

3. Offer it as a Form of Compensation

Employers nowadays are often looking for all sorts of different and unique additions that they can make to their compensation plans. If you are looking to add a little something for your employees without actually giving them a pay raise, you might find that offering a perk like office chair massages can be a great idea.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why it can be a good idea to work with a massage therapist, such as from Body Well Mobile Massage, to offer chair massages for all of your employees. You might find that you can get a good rate for this if you have a lot of employees in the office, and you're sure to find that it's a good idea for these three reasons and more.