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Beyond Pain Relief: Other Benefits Of Massage

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The main reason why many people get massages is to ease muscle pain and aches. But while massage is excellent for pain relief, that is far from its only benefit. There are a few other positive effects you may notice when you visit the massage therapist.

Time to breathe and take a break

These days, schedules just seem to get busier and busier. You're torn between work and family obligations, and with your smartphone in easy reach, you never feel like you have a chance to get away from it all. During a massage, you can turn your phone off and just focus on the relief you're experiencing for an hour or more. Drown out the rest of the world, take a break, and recalibrate.

Stress relief

When your massage therapist relieves the tension in your muscles, it has the profound effect of also relieving the tension in your mind at the same time. So many people carry their stress in their muscles, and massage can physically and emotionally release that stress. You will emerge from that massage better able to deal with the stress in your life in a healthy way.

Better sleep

If your muscles are tight and sore, you are probably not sleeping as well as you could be. Poor sleep has so many negative effects on your body, from mental anxiety to an increased risk of illness. If you get regular massages, you will start sleeping better, and your overall health will improve as a result. Imagine being able to drift off to sleep in a few minutes and remain asleep all night. That's what you can have with a massage!

Human connection

Do you often feel like connections you make are impersonal? A massage can help reaffirm your faith in humanity and make you feel connected to humans again. Although massage therapists are very professional, what they offer is a very personal service that can give you the touch connection you crave.

Improved athletic performance

Even if you are just a weekend warrior who likes to play the occasional soccer game or job a 5k, massage can have profound effects on your athletic performance. When your muscles are loose and free, you can work out harder and improve your performance. You will recover faster, too, so you can work out more often.

To learn more about the benefits above, speak with a massage therapist in your area.