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The Physical And Emotional Effects Of Stress And How Massage Can Help

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From financial worries and time constraints to getting all your tasks done in a day to dealing with traffic and long lines, stress is a part of everyday life. Everyone is different, reacting to stress in different ways, but most people will experience physical and emotional symptoms of stress and anxiety that affect their daily life. If you are part of the one-third of Americans living with extreme stress, use this guide to learn the physical and emotional effects stress has on your body and how therapeutic massage can help.

Physical and Emotional Effects

The irritation of stress will affect your emotions. You may feel anger and aggravation from dealing with things that are causing your stress. In some instances, the emotional distress you are experiencing can cause you to isolate yourself, increasing your risk of serious mental health conditions, such as depression.

Although most people feel it is an emotion, stress can wreak havoc on your body in a physical manner, too.

Pain in your neck and back is common when you are experiencing a great deal of stress. It can increase your blood pressure, which can be dangerous. If you are constantly experiencing stress, you may have chronic high blood pressure that requires a prescription medication.

Stress can also cause discomfort in your digestive symptom. You may experience an upset stomach and nausea at some point. Many people living with chronic stress also suffer from chronic diarrhea.

Chest pain and headaches are also common with people living with chronic stress. Finally, stress can cause insomnia, which leads to chronic fatigue during the day that affects your ability to complete tasks and live a normal life. The physical and emotional effects of stress may not seem significant, but they can lead to big problems for your health.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Preventing feelings of stress is ideal, but that is not always possible because of the different responsibilities you may have in life. While it cannot be prevented, stress can be managed.

Massage is not necessarily a service offered at your local spa. For many, massage is a form of therapy that helps them manage the physical and emotional effects of stress. The treatment centers on massaging your muscles and tissues, alleviating any tension and pain that is caused by stress. During the gentle, but firm, manipulation of the muscles and tissue, the brain releases endorphins into the body. These chemicals move through the bloodstream, reducing the physical and emotional stress you may be experiencing while improving your overall mood.

Massage feels great, which makes you forget about your stress, but the science behind this therapy will also reduce any discomfort and emotional distress you are living with.