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Adding On-Site Workplace Massage Services To Your Company

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An old adage states that when you love what you do, you'll never actually "work" a single day of your career. While fulfillment in your career is everything, work gets stressful even when you love what you do. Because of this, you need to set up some staples in your place of business that will help you and everyone you work with lower their stress. 

Nothing lowers stress like on-site workplace massage services. Consider these tips so you can add massage to your office. 

Give Your Employees the Gift of On-Site Workplace Massage Services 

You can transform your business with something as simple as massage. The workplace will be a place of productivity and clarity when people aren't walking around as tight. Myofascial, Shiatsu, Swedish, and other types of massage can help you and your employees really unwind in the midst of a stressful day. 

The best way to make this happen is by hiring a company that provides on-site workplace massage services. These professionals offer chair massages that your employees can comfortably receive, and the benefits pay off. It'll help them stay headache-free, and can do away with the back pain that sometimes comes with sitting down at a computer desk for long hours. Your office will also enjoy the benefit of lower blood pressure and will sleep soundly after a long day of work. 

You can get corporate massages in your office between about $60 per hour and $100 per hour. 

Aside from hiring massage therapists in your office, you can also buy some massage chairs and set them up in your office. Many massage chairs are sophisticated and high-tech enough to give a relaxing massage that will provide many of the same benefits. 

Promote Wellness as a Whole in Your Workplace

On top of offering massage services in your business, you need to make sure that you promote wellness as a whole. You can add things like aromatherapy to go with the massages. Also, consider stocking your office refrigerator with foods that are healthy and nourishing. 

Create some break areas throughout the building and encourage people to stand more often, since sitting down creates potential heart problems and increases the chances of depression and anxiety in the workplace. When health is taken seriously, your entire workplace benefits. 

Consider these benefits of workplace massage and start reaching out to professionals that can assist you with it. For more information, contact your local massage studio today.