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2 Tips For Preparing For Your First Deep-Tissue Massage Therapy Session

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If you live with a chronic condition that causes you constant discomfort from stiff, tight muscles, you may have decided to try deep-tissue massage therapy. If so, there are a couple of things you should do before your first session to help you get the most out of your therapy.

1.  Write Down as Many Details About Your Symptoms as Possible

One thing you can do before your first therapy session is to write down as many details as possible about your symptoms. While the massage therapist will treat the entire affected area, such as your back or neck, knowing the location and intensity of your pain can help them concentrate on the source of it.

First, either write down a detailed description of the pain's location or draw a crude illustration of the area and mark it. If you have different intensities of pain, you can indicate this by using color coding or by simply writing it out.

Second, write down any additional symptoms you have experienced, such as numbness and tingling. You can also write down any motions that you make that help or worsen your symptoms.

2.  Try to Loosen Your Muscles Before Going

Another thing you can do to help prepare yourself for your deep massage session is to try to loosen up your muscles before leaving your house. Since the therapist will be concentrating on muscles below the surface ones, the more relaxed you can get the tissues, the easier it will be for them to reach the deeper muscles. This can also help decrease any discomfort caused by the increased pressure the therapist may have to use if your superficial muscles are too tight.

There are a couple of ways you can loosen up your muscles before going to your session. One is soaking in a hot bath to release your muscle tension. However, make sure you dress warmly right after getting out so that they do not tighten up on your way to the therapist's office.

Another way to loosen your muscles is to do some light stretching before the massage begins. You can do deep stretches at home, then perform a few light stretches while you are in the waiting room. Ask your therapist for any stretching exercises that they recommend.

Being able to pinpoint your pain for the therapist and preparing your body for the massage can help you get the most out of your first and subsequent sessions. For more information, contact a massage parlor that offers deep-tissue massage therapy.